With a VISA® Debit or ATM Card from Spruance Credit Union, you get all the benefits and convenience of the card without being charged an annual fee just for having a card.  Debit and ATM Cards are gladly accepted world-wide.  In many areas, debit transactions have far exceeded the use of checks and even cash for making purchases.

VISA®, a trusted name, is the industry's leader in Debit and ATM Card service.  VISA® offers superior fraud protection and security against being liable for unauthorized purchases.
Benefits of VISA® Debit & ATM Cards
ATM Cards
  • Offers the safety of not having to carry a lot
    of cash for shopping and everyday transactions
  • Using a Debit Card account number, you can set
    up automated payments for your regular monthly bills
  • Through merchants and ATMs, you get 24-hour
    domestic and international electronic access to funds
  • Helps you over avoid buying on credit because you
    pay in full for products and services at the time of sale
  • You can shop online from the comfort and safety of home, and
    during times that are convenient for you
Locating an ATM

ATMS.  Even though Spruance Credit Union does not own an ATM, you can use any ATM that displays the Cirrus® network logo. Spruance Credit Union will not charge you any surcharge or fee for using an ATM, however, owners of ATMs may charge you a fee.  To avoid fees, we recommend you use a "no surcharge" or "surcharge free" ATM such as those found at all Wawa® and Sheetz® stores located in Virginia.