OUR HISTORY.  Spruance Credit Union was chartered in Virginia in 1953.  It was then that SCU began the credit union tradition of "people helping people."

SCU got it start in a designated area of the Dupont Spruance manufacturing facility.  It was from the loyalty and support of our Dupont members, that SCU was able to save enough money to buy some property and build a branch.

Spruance Credit Union is owned by its members, not by stockholders.  Each member owns one share equally.  When members do business with SCU they are contributing to the success and growth of their credit union.

SCU offers its members a way to save regularly and to borrow at lower rates of interest.  Earnings remaining after expenses and capital reserves are returned to members in the form of favorable share and loan rates, along with free or low-cost financial services. 

At Spruance Credit Union, our members are served in a cordial atmosphere, where our helpful and knowledgeable staff knows them by name.  The employees of SCU are members too and have been serving fellow members for over a decade.

For more than 60-years, Spruance Credit Union members have made credit union services a family tradition, extending the privilege of membership to their families for a lifetime!