This policy was last updated 03-05-14 and may change at anytime in the future so please review it each time you visit the Spruance Credit Union (referenced herein as "SCU," "we," "us" or "our") website.  For purposes of this Policy, "online" means utilization of an internet communication protocol to view, display, access, receive or transmit information.  This Policy covers all our online practices, including, but not limited to our website, our email contact service, and our form contact service.

Sharing Information.  Except for reporting specific information to registered users or when you grant explicit permission, we do not share identifying information with any other person, sponsor or third-party unless there is a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary to comply with a legal process.

Accessibility and Cookies.  Cookies are pieces of data stored by your browser that are useful for expediting page loads or enhancing your online experience when you return to a website.  Although cookies do not reveal your personal identity, we do use cookies to help us to confirm your identity before granting access to our secure online system.  To take full advantage of the level of security that we offer, your browser must meet certain requirements, such as supporting 128 bit encryption and being set to allow our servers to create a cookie on your system.  Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the accessibility of any page on our website.

Information Collected When You View or Visit Our Website.  When you are simply viewing our website, we do not collect or retain any personal or identifiable information.  However, for security purposes, and to respond to or fulfill your requests, we will collect and retain personal or identifiable information when you submit such to us, or we provide you with log-on access to information.  We may collect non-identifying information for internal statistical purposes whenever you visit our website.  Any statistical information collected is our effort to better enrich the online experience of our visitors, to assess what information is most and least important to our visitors, to analyze the effectiveness of our content, and for determining whether our content and/or its presentment is useful and relevant to visitors of our website.

What Happens When You Send Information to Us.  Whenever you submit information to us using methods we make available to you on our website, our goal is to protect your information using administrative and technical processes along with industry standard encryption recommended for non-depository types of websites.  Due to the nature of the internet, there is a risk that your information could be intercepted whenever you send information to us.

How to Stop or Unsubscribe from Receiving Communication from Us.  If your email address or a phone number for receiving messages is on record with us, we may periodically send you educational or informational communication that we believe may interest you. To stop or unsubscribe from receiving our messages, please use the method contained within our communication to express your request.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  Unless verifiable consent acceptable to us is obtained from a parent or legal guardian, we do not knowingly collect, maintain or use personal information obtained from our website about children under 13 years of age. We are not responsible for the data collection or use practices of any party to which our website may link.  For more information about COPPA, visit the Federal Trade Commission website, www.ftc.gov.

Links to Other Websites or When Other Websites Link to Us.  We are not responsible for the content, practices or policies of any other party's website you visit, including any social media sites in which we may display information, or any website whose link appears within our website, and regardless of any affiliation we may share with any other entity.  Before providing any personal or identifiable information, you should first review the policies of any website you are visiting.  The fact that there is a link between our website and that of another website does not represent an endorsement by us of the content and any product, service, or program contained on any other website.  Links placed on other websites may contain a "tag," which is a code that reveals that particular content was reviewed at the sponsoring website.   Tags do not contain personal or identifiable information and are only a tool for measuring the effectiveness of placing content on other websites.